29th PanzerGrenadiers Pionier Division (mot).

The Pionier unit attempts to create an impression of the ww2 German shock troops present in WW2. The unit focuses on the Italian from 43-45. However, we also fill in our representation with eastern front battles. The unit has an array of weaponry ranging from traps to heavy weapons. We show the standard infantry look but within the specialised sapper trait. They were present in every major offensive, defensive and specialised in hand to hand/ close quarters combat. Camouflage and uniform is consistent with a standard infantry impression, same goes for weaponry. They are an elite assault heavy infantry group designed to spearhead assaults and defensives. Pioneer troops specialised in urban combat which was why they were so influential at casino, specifically the battles of the townships below and the consistent traps the allies had to remove in order to progress.

A PDF of our unit manual is downloadable here.