18th battalion, 4th Brigade, 2 N.Z.E.F.

The recent addition of the 18th Battalion, 4th Brigade to the Societies WW2 “Kiwi” re-enactment representation now allows us to enhance our overall 2 N.Z.E.F. offer.

The 18th Battalion during WW2 was initially an infantry battalion and in late 1943 became an armoured brigade – thus at shows we can now enhance the display of the 21st Infantry battalion with a display giving the public a “feel” for a WW2 Kiwi armoured unit. Uniforms, equipment and a soldiers personal weaponry for armoured units where as issued to infantry units although some variations where made specifically for those manning tanks – for example - like holsters and pistols being modified so as to not “catch” when climbing in and out of a hatch. As with all the Societies Unit - inter-unit co-operation is very important – not only within the Society – but wider re-enacting community.

We pride ourselves on authenticity and accuracy when representing those who wore our uniforms in WW2. Uniforms are worn with care and pride in honour of both servicemen and women who wore them during WW2.

Our unit manual is downloadable here (9mb).